Yard Machine Mowers: The Different Types

A lot of people have trouble when it comes to choosing among the different types of yard machine mowers. One good reason for this is because there are now several different options that are available in the market. As a result of this number, people become overwhelmed once they are given the task of choosing one piece of equipment that they can use for their yard. Below is a short description of the different mower types:


The reel mower was among the very first lawn mower types that have been invented. This type of mower makes use of blades which spin on a reel or a rotating cylinder. In order to cut the grass, there is a stationary bar that is responsible for the blades’ movement. For short lawns, this is ideal because it comes with a great shearing action.


The next yard machine mowers available include the rotary. A rotary mower has a horizontal blade which moves at a simultaneous rate with the speed of the engine. This type of mower is most suitable for lawns that have tall grass.


Because robotic lawn mowers have been designed to crop without assistance, it is best to use them with a wire boundary around the lawn. In addition, these lawn mowers have its own sensor which can detect rain. They are perfect for maintaining lawns up to five acres.

Push Reel

Push reel mowers are perfect for small lawns. They need only a little maintenance and are considered safe for the environment. Not only are they good for our planet, they also cost less.


Electric mowers can either be corded or cordless. This is the reliable option when working with a small yard since they don’t need oil.

Gas Powered

In terms of choosing gas powered mowers, there are three types such as the front wheel self propelled, standard push mower, and the rear wheel self propelled.

Riding Mower

Lastly, the riding machine mowers are the crowd favorite. This is perfect for the large property owner, the yard care contractor, or those with a use for a lawn tractor for other functions as well. 

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