Buying Yard Machine Tillers: Factors to Consider

If you are looking for yard machine tillers to help you with your needs in garden care, you have to remember to choose wisely. This is because it is among the most expensive piece of gardening equipment which is available in the market. As such, you have to ask some questions to determine if the tiller you are getting is best for your garden.


In order to determine the tiller size you need, you have to consider the land area which you need to work with as well as the hardness or softness of your soil. The small tillers are called power cultivators. Typically, these only have just 1-2 blades on them. The larger tillers contain 4 or more blades.

For soft soil, small tillers are used. Simultaneously, large tillers are best for rocky and hard ground.

Blade Type

Another thing you must look for in your yard machine rototillers is the tiller blades or tines. These items are used to cultivate soil. As such, there are 3 types of tines that are available:

  • Bolo: used for deep tilling.
  • Slasher: used to work with plants that have roots in the ground as well as for heavy vegetation
  • Pick and Chisel: used for hard ground that contains rocks.

You also have to consider if you are getting the front or rear tined tiller. The front tined tiller is lightest in terms of weight. Usually, they are between 6-9 inches wide and are electric powered. This is good to be used on soil that has been cultivated before. On the other hand, the rear tined tillers are large. These yard machine tillers have motors that are powered by gas. As a result, they are strong enough to work through a portion of soil that has never been touched. Rear tined tillers are better to control as opposed to the first option.


Lastly, you should think about how much you are willing to spend on these yard machine rototillers. Although they are pricey, there are some that you can find for an excellent price on Amazon.

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