Yard Machines Lawn Mower: Safety Tips

There are a number of people who often make the wrong decision when they purchase yard machines lawn mower. This is because they usually think that they should get which is the most affordable for them, without considering how big their lawn is. At the same time, choosing to get either a riding mower or walk behind mower should be given the utmost care. The proper care should be observed as these pieces of machinery are capable of causing injury or even death.

Based on the statistics gathered by the American Academy of Pediatrics, an alarming number of 68,000 people have been involved with serious injuries every year due to accidents related to the misuse of these lawn machineries. The most common injuries include the toes and the fingers. This is due to the fast and sharp spinning blades that can cause injury to these delicate parts of the body. In addition, objects that get ejected by the mower at a high speed can also produce some injury to the person operating the mower and to its bystanders. For this reason, the simple safety tips should be followed. Once done, this can reduce risks for injury.

  • Before beginning to use a lawn mower, the lawn should be prepared. This can be done by taking a short walk over the lawn so that spare objects can be removed.

  • When putting fuel into the mower, it is important that the excess fuel should be cleaned up. In addition, avoid filling the tank while motor is still hot. This is because the gas fumes might get ignited by the heat.

  • Wear the right attire when mowing. Don’t wear baggy or loose clothes. Open toed shoes are also a big no-no.

  • Before the yard machines lawn mower is started, children should be out of the area.

  • Before doing any maintenance on the machine, the spark plug wire should be disconnected first.

By following these tips, you will be able to minimize, if not eliminate, risks for any injuries caused by the machine.

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